6.24 5-8PM Taxidermy 101

6.24 5-8PM Taxidermy 101


Instructor Sally Piete


Learn the basics of bird taxidermy during this extraordinary class. No experience necessary, but a great help if you've attended one of our mice classes. 


Step 1: Dissection

Step 2: Preservation

Step 3: Stuffing

Step 4: Mount and form


Bring your own:

Bring your own non-migratory bird (or acquire a permit for one). No birds of prey are allowed due to federal laws. If you have any legal questions about your bird, please contact sallypiette@gmail.com. Here are the laws (https://www.fws.gov/birds/policies-and-regulations.php).


We supply you one:

Small Quails will be offered if you do not have any birds of your own. (I'm waiting to hear back from the company today to get pics).

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