So whats the new set up like?

Crafted 2.0 will be open 5 days a week. All of our craft will be supplied in a kit with instructions and every month will look a little different. You can come into the workshop to purchase a craft kit to DIY in our space or take with you as a gift or perhaps you wish to craft in the comfort of your own own. Last call will be at 8:30PM. Tables of 4 can be reserved. 

In case you were wondering?

Everyone is required to complete and sign a waiver before participating in the space. We also request an emergency contact be kept on file. 

Is a deposit required to rent the space for a party or event?

No, but we do request payment in full for your guaranteed block of time. Rates vary. Please contact hellocococrafted@gmail.com to learn more or check out our party rental page.   

What are the rules when taking a workshop?

Please be safe when handling equipment. COCO Crafted assumes no liability for accidents or injuries. Make at your own risk.

If someone is behaving in a way that is unsafe or unkind, we will do our best to resolve any problems as they come. However, we reserve the right to ask a participant to leave if they continue to disrupt the experience of other workers (without refund).

Please let us know ahead of time if we can help with any special needs and/or making the space functional for those who may experience limitations, etc. We want the experience to be safe and fun for all. 


What about tips? Alcohol? 

Feel free to tip, if you wish; the instructors/staff work hard to give you an awesome experience. BYOB Must be 21+ to drink.

For kid classes: Do I leave my child there, or can I sit in?

Unless otherwise specified, all of our programs, including homeschool days, are drop-off programs. This is due to limited space with our facilities. 

We ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before the class to drop-off or pick-up. We also ask that you pick-up at the listed dismissal time.

Late pick-ups may be subject to late fee.